As Biorenda, we believe that the solution to many problems and needs we are experiencing on a global scale lies in nature. The world is going through a transformation process in order to combat environmental crises and protect the future. We become a part of this sensitive transformation by making radical changes in our preferences in many aspects of our lives. The share of algae in this transformation, to which we owe the oxygen in our breath and which are the cornerstones of aquatic ecosystems, cannot be denied. They have a great power in the fight against climate change, thanks to their nature of capturing carbon by photosynthesis, just like trees. Moreover, algae, which can be described as the ancestors of terrestrial plants, have a carbon capture capacity with an average performance ten times higher than that of trees. In addition to being climate-friendly, they show the potential to be a strong bioactive substance for the cosmetics, food and agriculture sectors with their naturally occurring protein, essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, beneficial fatty acids and mineral contents.

Our Brand's Regenerative Yeast: Algae
At the current point, we bear the responsibility of designing sustainable solutions for both the Earth and all living things with a holistic approach and taking impact-oriented steps. So much so that we live in a moment where regenerative creation processes go beyond sustainability and aim at renewal and repair. As Biorenda, we add the regenerative nature of algae, which have existed since prehistoric times and made the Earth livable for many living things we know, to our brand yeast. In this way, we create an impact by producing algae that do not consume nature, but even repair it, support the regeneration process and detoxify it. We have adopted the vision of creating climate-friendly, clean and non-toxic content for you by using algae, which are cyclical by nature.

Which Horizon Are We Rowing To?
In this journey where we progress in line with our vision, we have goals that we wish to achieve much more than what we have achieved. While we move forward with the motivation to offer sustainable, clean and non-toxic skin care products, we also aim to design waste-free and nature-positive processes that do not leave a footprint on nature. We have many dreams to create an impact with Biorenda, but first we would like to share with you a few brand goals we want to achieve:

•    We are in the exploration process to integrate biodegradable, compostable cargo solutions into our logistics processes.
•    We are working on innovative approaches that will make a difference in refill applications in the cosmetics industry.
•    We will strive to discover the most special routes for you by making continuous improvements on the value chain of our products with the Upcycle approach.

As you navigate the ocean horizons, each new dawn can bring new routes, islands and currents. We will continue to share with you the new stopping points we have determined and will determine during our journey with you, our valuable "Biorenda" people, who we believe are looking in the same direction as us.

Stay tuned!

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