“The ocean has engraved the mysterious melody of its heart on its seashells. No matter where you are, his voice is as close to you as a seashell..."


Let Oxygen to the World and Breath to Your Skin!

As Biorenda, we believe that in the magic of the parchment in a bottle that floated from the ocean and washed up on a sparkling beach, the ocean also transfers its power to the algae it contains in its depths. At the same time, algae, which is the source of 75% of the oxygen in the atmosphere, have their signatures in every breath we breathe. Thanks to the rich ingredients they naturally contain, such as protein, antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3, they have the potential to be both a super food and a detox agent for our skin. With all these aspects, they strengthen our vision of creating effective products, as well as their climate-friendly, sustainable and circular nature.



What is the message hidden in the letters Biorenda?

Orenda, in the language of the Huron and Iroquois, indigenous communities of the American continent, means ancient energy that is believed to affect and change all natural beings. Biorenda, along with its roots that give its meaning to our brand, expresses the impressive power of nature and what comes from nature and the ancient energy that can create change.





Timeless and Spaceless Like a Melody Hidden in a Seashell

Biorenda as a Kybele's Garden brand; It aims to produce clean content independent of time, gender and place, with its formulas inspired by the oceans that have the ability to repair themselves and are in constant motion within themselves. Kybele's Garden, which interprets algae with the abundance of Anatolia and develops sustainable solutions with algae biotechnology, takes its origins from Kybele, the historical motif of Anatolia's fertility. Biorenda takes its meaning from the ancient energy defined by the American Indians as "Orenda" and its brand philosophy of transformation from the Far Eastern geography.



Holistic Transformation That Adds Value, Against Perfection: Kin-Tsugi

Kintsugi, born in Japan, inspired the Biorenda brand philosophy. Kintsugi is the art of reassembling broken items with gold. In essence, the philosophy of Kintsugi is not only to repair a material whose integrity has been damaged by being broken or damaged, and sometimes even damaged enough to be unusable, but also to make it even more valuable than its previous state, adorned with experience. Transformation, which takes its meaning from “kin” meaning gold and “tsugi” meaning to unite, has a very deep philosophy behind it. There is no room for perfection in Kintsugi, and anything that wears out or loses its former state loses its intrinsic value. With design-oriented thinking, effort and the right content, it is possible to achieve something even more valuable by strengthening the bond with a holistic transformation that adds value after every experience or damage received.

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